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Comics… And Pin Up?

As a writer and creative person, I think it’s important to support fellow artists in any medium. Today I wanted to spotlight this fantastic artist I know of by the name of Ant Lucia. I first found his art through deviant art and was blown away by his style, combining comic book artwork with the pin up style. The first set I saw was a beautiful black and white of my favorite universal monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon with a lovely lady.

I had to have some of his art so I found out he had a website and was floored by his scope of work. Turns out, he even had his own line of DC Comics based off of his pin-up line. I’ve included some pictures of his work, but there’s so much more. He loves universal monsters, Star Wars, and of course more comics. If you like pin-up art or just sexy nerdy art, I implore you to check out his fantastic work.
You can own some of his art by going to his online store, here:
If you guys like this kind of thing, I might do some more artist spotlights. Let me know in the comments!

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