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The Legacy Of PT(part II)

Playable Teaser is a now legendary survival, horror demo that was revealed to be the next entry within the popular Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hills. The game was an anomaly within the gaming culture. Its cancellation and removal from the PlayStation store was an unfortunate turn of events. However, to quote Game of Thrones, “What is dead may never die.”
P.T. left a void in the horror scene and inspired creatives to fill the void, whether out of pure inspiration or just for profit is anyone’s guess(I suspect both). Here are four horror titles that have taken inspiration from P.T., presented in no particular order

Allison Road

Allison Road has had a rocky road (oh, puns). The game originally began its development on popular crowd-funding website, Kickstarter. The game was the first vestige of hope I had seen since the cancellation of P.T. Allison Road appeared to be a spiritual successor in all manners and I found myself contributing to a Kickstarter project for the very first time. All the same, it looked like the game would not succeed in making its goal and it was announced, mere days before the deadline, that the game was picked up by publisher Team 17.
This past June, Team 17 announced they were canceling development on the game and the game appeared to be dead in the water. However, it was announced in August that development on Allison Road would continue under the newly formed Far From Home Studios. Hopefully a great product will come out, despite the numerous set backs.

Layers of Fear

Unlike the other games on this list, Layers of Fear is already out for everyone to enjoy on their chosen platform. Players control a mentally ill painter who is obsessed with creating a masterpiece. Players must navigate their way through a Victorian-style mansion as the protagonist descends further and further into madness. The game has some genuinely creepy visuals, but the game is far from perfect.

The game is lacking in player interaction and is very linear. Players don’t really play this game so much as experience it. There’s an over use of common horror tropes that feels a bit uninspired. Layers of Fear plays like a walk through a haunted funhouse and suffers from the same problems. There’s no real threat to the player, so the scares start to fall flat. There’s still fun to be had with this title for horror fans though.


Visage is a game set in a secluded town in the 1980’s. Players must try to escape from a haunted house while avoiding the various entities that roam its halls. Starting to sound familiar yet?
Visage is another Kickstarter-backed game, but it appears to have found its funding. The game development is well under way, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more from this title.

Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil franchise is the grand daddy of all survival, horror games. The first three games focused more on the survival, horror aspect while four through six skewed more toward the action side. Resident Evil 7 looks like a huge departure from the established tone and narrative of its predecessors. Not much of the game has been seen, though an “interactive trailer” was released a while back.
The demo showcased little to no action or gun play. It seems like Resident Evil 7 will focus more heavily on stealth gameplay, but I honestly don’t know what’s going on with the franchise. A part of me is excited to see that the developers have chosen to evolve the franchise.

On the other hand, it might be too much of a departure for some fans. Only time will tell. Personally, as long as the game is good, I don’t care. RE 7 just may redefine the franchise as a whole and give the aging franchise it’s third wind.
So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to any of these or will you be passing on some?
For more information on each of these games, click on the links below:
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