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Artist Spotlight: Wolfskulljack is quite possibly my favorite website in the history of the internet. If you have not heard about this wonderful website I will leave a link at the bottom of this post. Redbubble is an online community where artist have a chance to sell their incredible works and get exposure where they may not have necessarily gained it. While there is a treasure trove of nerd art, the community of artist is so diverse that there is something for everyone on Redbubble.

There are so many great artist on Redbubble, you could spend hours on their site and not get through it all. I’ve decided to spotlight some of these artist, as I truly believe in supporting your fellow artist, no matter the medium.

This incredible artist goes by the name of Wolfskulljack. Her real name is Michelle and she is a brilliant artist based in the UK.  A lot of her artwork heavily features wolf and skull motifs, monsters, animal/human hybrids, and even folklore. She’s been featured in magazines, conventions, and galleries alike. She is also currently working as a full-time artist and accepts private/corporate commissions.

If you’d like to read more about her I’ll leave a link to her personal site. You can also contact her through her site using a contact form, which I’ve already done. I found her quite cordial and I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. Personally, whenever I get to hear from someone who appreciates my material it drives me to do my best work. I’m sure she’d feel the same.

I’ve also left a link to her profile on Redbubble. From there, you’ll see she has many other links including a Tumblr, Facebook, Etsy, Deviantart, Society6, Designed By Humans, and her own website. Enjoy my geek friends!

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Wolfskulljack profile:

Her own site:

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