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Aliens 30th Anniversary Loot Crate

This year Aliens celebrated its 30th anniversary with a panel at San Diego Comic-Con(available on youtube) featuring most of the starring cast, released images from the highly anticipated Alien: Covenant, and the announcement of a 30th-anniversary Blu-ray set. Loot Crate also offered a limited edition crate, and they were nice enough to email me an offer. As I am a huge fan of the series, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and pounced on it as soon as it was available(and I’m not one to usually do that). My inner fanboy could not be contained.
If you know anything about Loot Crates, when you turn them inside out, they become something a little bit more special… Honestly, the box itself was one of the coolest parts of this crate, so I’ll save this for last.

So what was in the crate?

Item #1: Bugstomper T-Shirt

Let’s start with the t-shirt. This was my least favorite part of the crate. It’s not that I didn’t like the shirt, it’s just after wearing army green almost every day for four years, I needed a break from the color. It’s pretty wrinkled as it was ranger rolled in the back of my closet. If you’re wondering what the heck Bugstomper is, it’s the name of the drop ship the Colonial Marines used to get down to LV-426. Two logos were actually designed for the movie. One features the eagle wearing sneakers, the other with him wearing combat boots. The eagle wearing combat boots is actually the one they put on the dropship for the film.

Item #2: Aliens Japanese Metal Print

This tin poster is small, but looks really cool on my shelf. It came with a stand as well(though I had to look up what it was #ImDumb).

 Item #3: Glow in the Dark Eggs and Facehuggers From NECA

Ok, so these are rad! They come in this neat egg carton that has special instructions on properly handling the eggs. They made me chuckle. You’d also never be able to tell that they glow in the dark just by looking at them, but glow they do. The face huggers are also semi-posable.

Item #4: Special Edition Graphic Novel Aliens the Original Comics Series

Darkhorse has had a very successful run with the Aliens comic series. The story within serves as a direct sequel to Aliens. The comic was originally published in 1988, so this is before Alien 3 was even a thing. I’m not going to say the story was better than Alien 3, but it does go in a very intriguing direction. I won’t spoil anything in case you guys want to pick it up for yourselves, but there are some interesting things to note.

First of all, 20th Century Fox would not let the comic creators use the character of Ellen Ripley, so she is nowhere to be seen. However, this comic does feature a grown-up Newt and grizzled Hicks as the main protagonists. Rejoice Aliens fans(until Alien 3 dashes those hopes and dreams)! This is also before Prometheus, so the comic’s version of the Space Jockeys is very different than Ridley Scott’s intended version. I enjoyed the comic and some of the ideas they played around with, but it wasn’t mind-blowing (at least to me). The art was fantastic. I loved that it was all in black and white and they were not shy about the violence. Not a comic for kids. As a fan of the later Alien series and AVP, it was nice to see how it all started.

Item #5: 6.5″ Glow in the Dark Alien Warrior From Titan

I actually had a few of Titan’s Alien figures before I received this one, so it was kind of cool to get another one. This is by far the biggest one I own and one of my favorites. It REALLY glows if you let it charge for long enough. I’m not one for keeping things in the box, so its loud and proud on my shelf with the rest of my figures. I love it.

It also came with this cool backdrop, so I removed it from the box and placed it behind my alien figures on the shelf. It’s wicked cool.The box also came with this cool dossier folder that basically lists everything you received in the crate. A nice little touch.

All in all, this was well worth the $55. But what about the box? What does it turn into?


APC Vehicle

The tank that Ripley hijacks to save the rapidly dying Marines. DROP THE MIC.
As you can tell, I really, really, love this box. I actually use it to house my Aliens Board Game.
If you are interested in any of these items, I would search Amazon or Ebay. People tend to sell the stuff they didn’t like. Just be careful with who you do business with. I’d hate for any of you to be taken advantage of.

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