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Predator(Movie Review)

Arnold SchwarzeneggerCarl Weathers
Directed by
John McTiernan

If it bleeds, we can kill it.
What I Like
Part sci-fi movie, part creature feature, ALL ACTION!!!
What I Don’t Like
Subsequent sequels have been disappointing, but there is hope on the horizon with Shane Black coming back to the series to direct.

A team of highly trained special forces operatives, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Dutch), is hired by the U.S. government to quietly infiltrate a guerrilla camp in the heart of Central America and rescue a group of political prisoners. With boots on the ground, the team embarks on a journey through the treacherous jungle to complete their mission. However, it becomes apparent that they are not alone anymore. Something lurks unseen among the trees, though its presence is palpable. The team soon realizes they are being hunted, but the truth of the horror is too alien for them to comprehend.


Predator is a very self-aware film. This movie wasn’t meant to take home an Oscar. It doesn’t aspire to be more than a popcorn flick, but it tells a clear, concise story with a memorable cast of characters and an antagonist straight from the mind of Stan Winston.


In reality, this movie shouldn’t have worked. 20th Century Fox cast seven alpha males, some of them the biggest names of the 80’s, and made them all compete for screen time. In the jungle heat and difficult terrain, tempers were bound to flare. However, the cast came together as a team on and off screen, starting their mornings with runs through the Mexican hills. They let their competitive natures drive each other, walking and talking like the best around.


Disaster almost did strike. The film ran out of money during the production and the original design for the Predator wasn’t working. The huge, clunky suit was goofy looking, especially as it ran around the Mexican jungles. It was bizarre to watch this gigantic suit lumber across the screen. Nothing about it was intimidating and it was hardly the stuff of nightmares. When production halted, John McTiernan went to work and tried to save his film. He took his time, cut the footage he had together, and presented it to an executive at Fox who opted to continue funding for his production.


He then asked special effects genius, Stan Winston, to help him with the creature’s design. Winston was sketching ideas next to James Cameron when the acclaimed director suggested giving him mandibles, stating “I’ve never seen that done before.” Thus the Predator as we know it was born. No creature like it had been put to screen before and the Predator captured the imaginations of a generation.


Lastly, I would just like to talk about how utterly quotable this movie is. Almost 30 years later and the movie is still giving us memes. I could think of 10 maybe 20 quotes just off the top of my head. If you guys have any favorites don’t forget to comment below!


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Good review! This is seriously one of my favourite movies of all time. 🙂


Yeah, it’s just one of those movies that has infused itself with my bones.

Paul Bowler

Predator is such a brilliant film, always enjoy rewatching it.