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Welcome to the Announcements category page where I’ll be posting any updates about the site or my blogs. We actually have one today that I’m really excited about.
My little brothers have joined the team and will be contributing to the site as authors. The site is still very much my own passion project, but in the interest of stoking their creative flames, I asked them if they would like to join. They are free to post as regularly as they want so you may see articles with different authors than The Horror JD0127. I will remain as the main author, but every now and then you’ll see some material from them. I’ll be updating the About page sometime in the near future so you guys can get a feel for who they are.
My last announcement is that I am working on bringing a podcast to the site. It will be a family affair as well, so you’ll get to know my brothers. We’ve already recorded a few times, but I want to practice a bit more to work out the kinks. I’m really excited about all this and will keep you guys up to date when my brothers start writing and when you’ll be able to get access to our podcast. As always, thanks for the support.

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