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We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Post With An Announcement

Since I began posting on a schedule (every Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday), I’ve yet to miss a deadline. For a while, I was actually writing two posts ahead of what was going up on the site on any given day. Unfortunately, today I’ll be breaking that streak, but I promise it’s for a good cause.
As I mention in my “About Me” section of the site, I’ve had plans to write a novel. I actually finished a rough manuscript early last year and have been sitting on it until the time was right. I tried going into the editing stage multiple times during the course of the last year and found that it was just too soon. However, this week the idea of finishing my novel has weighed heavy on me.


This entire binder is dedicated to my novel. World building is fun, but can be tedious.


Trying to sort the best parts of my draft from the worst. I might have half a novel (haha).

I’ve been watching authors talk about their experiences on Youtube to get myself hyped, researching different writing programs to give my story some organization, and sharpening my tools to wade into the chaotic depths of my rough draft with razors at the ready. I’ve been so focused on preparing for my edit that time caught up with me.

Tentatively called Everdark. Some notes are mine and some are my dad’s. #betareader

I am working on a post, but I didn’t want to rush it out just to get it on the site.  That post will go up Sunday and I’m really excited about it. If any of you keep your ear to gaming news then you’ll know about a certain game that was leaked earlier in the week. I’m not going to tell you exactly what I’m working on, but I’ll give you all a hint.

One ring to rule them all.

As I divide my time between the blog and my novel, the posting schedule may need to change to fit accordingly. If it does I’ll be sure to post it in the announcements section. Thanks for understanding and I’ll see you all on Sunday. Auf wiedersehen!


Hired an artist to help me visualize my “Nosfer” in the beginning days. First concept he came up with. Happy with what it evolved into and the final product, which I won’t post. I have to keep some secrets! Check him out on his site and twitter, Leonardo Ariza.


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