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Logan, A Triumph For Comic Book Films


Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook

Directed by
James Mangold



In the near future, an aging mutant once known as The Wolverine must escort a young mutant across the Mexican-United States border with an ailing Professor X in tow. The group is pursued by a villainous corporation, who will stop at nothing to reclaim their lost property.


Logan is an emotionally draining roller coaster ride that perfectly serves as the conclusion to The X-Men film franchise as we know it. While the film’s story and character arcs have enough weight to resonate with almost any moviegoer, its impact will be felt more keenly by long-time fans of the series.
Within minutes, Logan establishes a tone unlike any other that we’ve seen in the X-Men films. The movie utilizes its R-rating and it is glorious to behold. Limbs are sent flying as Logan slices and dices the opposition, but it never feels self-indulgent. The gore and the swearing(plenty of that as well) are all there to serve a purpose and further the narrative.
Quite simply, it all needed to be there to tell the story that was envisioned. The only time it feels awkward is the first time hearing Professor X swear. In previous movies, Professor X would never have sworn. But that was the point of it. Xavier, Logan, and everyone in this film have been pushed to the brink and the cancerous nature of their world has inexorably changed them.
Between all the bloodshed, lies the heart of a character driven drama. These quiet scenes of dialogue between the characters are my favorite aspect of the film. It’s not often that you can level the term “thought-provoking” at a comic book film and in many ways, Logan redefines the genre’s norms. As fun as watching the Avengers assemble on screen was, nearly every comic book movie since has felt the need to be a CGI infested, spectacle film. There is a place for that and enjoying that type of movie is not wrong, but Logan’s gritty Western meets Sci-fi tone has reinvigorated a genre that has become somewhat stagnant and predictable.
Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s performances are powerful and young Dafne Keen is an actress to look out for. I look forward to seeing more of her in these early days of what I hope to be a long career. I also hope that the success of Logan, making almost 90 million in its opening weekend, will promote diversity in the superhero genre. Fox took a big risk(from the studio executive point of view) releasing this film and adds yet another reason why all superhero films shouldn’t be under one umbrella.

If you’ve yet to watch the film, do yourself a favor and go watch this movie at the theater before it gets spoiled for you by some schmuck on the internet. I highly recommend it for genre fans and long time fans of the X-Men film franchise. Logan shows everything that comic book movies could be, an exciting proposition for genre fans and the general movie-going audience alike.
If you’ve already seen the film, tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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Hannah Fearless

This was a great film.