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Mythology: The DC Comics Art Of Alex Ross

Alex Ross is an American comic book artist and writer well known for his unique painted style. Born to an artist mother, Ross knew he wanted to be involved with art from an early age. Comic books were his chosen medium and he received his first big break with the Marvel Comics series, Marvels. Wanting to make something more personal and involved, Ross approached DC Comics with the idea that would eventually become his acclaimed four issue mini-series, Kingdom Come.
His hyper-realistic style roots the fantastical characters and settings he is often working with. It is not so hard to imagine a world with a Superman after taking a look at his work. It’s more than the characters look real. You can see their problems etched in their brows or the way they hunch their shoulders. His characters have weight and flaws. They are rendered as people in a raw, unapologetic way and that is why Alex Ross’s art will prove to be enduring.

Mythology: The DC Comics Art Of Alex Ross is a coffee table art book that showcases some of Ross’s best work within DC Comics literature. With an introduction by M. Night Shyamalan, the first portion of the book serves as a biography for the renown artist. Featuring artwork from Ross’s childhood, it is clear that a passion in him for the medium blossomed at a very early age. You get to take a journey with Ross as he developed his craft through the years and refined the style that has become so synonymous with his name.
Most of the book is dedicated towards his work within the DC Comics universe. While there is plenty of his artwork showcased, the book offers something a little bit more valuable than page after page of his end products. A lot of this book is about peeling back the layers of his work and sharing his creative process.
You’ll find everything from notes to doodles on his sketchpad as he tries to visualize positioning and lighting to conceptualizing the layout of his panels and the writing to accompany his art. This is truly a great addition to any comic fan’s collection and will look great nestled among the rows on a bookshelf or on a coffee table for guests who dare to visit the abode of a comic book geek to enjoy.

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