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Documentaries For The Horror Fan Issue #2

Mark Gatiss is an English actor and writer best known for his work on The BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who. He has also appeared on the hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones. The guy has some serious street cred in the world of geek culture. But what about the world of horror? Turns out the man is a serious fan of the genre and has been since he was a little kid. In fact, he has hosted several different documentaries on various aspects of the horror scene. His passion for all things macabre is clearly discernable from the way he speaks about the horror genre. He has a gentleman’s demeanor and a scholarly-like enthusiasm for horror that I imagine is in small part due to his keen writer’s sense of observation. It makes him a very knowledgeable and charming host. I hope you enjoy these documentaries as much as I did.

A History of Horror With Mark Gatiss (part 1)
Frankenstein Goes To Hollywood

The horror movie genre may not have been birthed on American screens, but it wasn’t until Universal began producing its famed Universal monster films that the genre exploded. In this series, Mark Gatiss goes back to those critical early years of horror to pay homage to those films and personalities that started it all.
Run Time: 1 hour

Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss

Now you may be thinking, “Why isn’t this A History of Horror With Mark Gatiss (part 2)?” An excellent question. The second part of the documentary was removed from Youtube because someone copyright claimed it. I’m sure if you Google searched it, you’d probably find a version of it somewhere else, but this is a good alternative that runs some of the same ground. My knowledge of the classic European horror scene was negligible, but after seeing this documentary, I now have a whole list of films I get to go back and watch.
Run time: 1 hour 30 mins

A History of Horror With Mark Gatiss (part 3)
The American Scream

Return back to America(FUCK YEAH!!!) with Mark Gatiss as he explores the golden age of horror(1960-1980) and its lasting legacy on modern horror.
Run Time: 1 hour

M.R. James: Ghostwriter


M.R. James was an English author and medieval scholar best known for his ghost stories, still highly regarded as some of the best the genre has to offer. His stories were published in a series of collections, Ghost Stories of An Antiquary being his most well known. Mark Gatiss takes a look at the life of the famous author and scholar as well as analyzes what made his stories so damn scary.
Run Time: 1 hour

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Paul Bowler

Great documentaries, history of horror is brilliant, really like Mark Gatis as the presenter / narrator. I watched horror Europa again recently actually, really good as well 🙂