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Games Go Horror: Pokemon

This week, fans of the Pokemon series were expecting to be floored by an upcoming announcement the Pokemon company had teased just prior to this weekend’s E3 press conference. Rumors of an upcoming 3d Pokemon game coming to the newest and hottest selling console, the Nintendo Switch, have been rampant on the internet, but fans were disappointed when the announcement was about the re-release of last years Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon.
I thought it would be cool to pitch my own game starring everybody’s favorite Pocket Monsters, set in the horror genre. At first glance, the game franchise is not an obvious choice for a horror game, but longtime fans will know the series has its share of dark stories to tell if you know where to look.

Lavender Town Orchestral cover posted by Vanitas

3rd person Horror RPG/1st person shooter

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest console right now, but what it’s lacking is a game library(all new consoles suffer from this). None the less, the console is still selling like hot cakes and a Pokemon game on the console would make Nintendo dump trucks of money.


As I’m in my twenties, the original 150 is the generation I grew up with. That means we’re going back to Kanto, the region the original games were set in. Lavender Town is a very strange place, with its gym leader, Sabrina, focusing on psychic type Pokemon because she has psychic powers as well. It’s also home to Pokemon Tower, a tower that houses a giant Pokemon graveyard filled with ghosts until the player character banishes the “boss” ghost which turns out to be the vengeful spirit of the Pokemon Cubone’s dead mother, Marowak.
Lavender Town Sad Piano cover posted by Lucas King 


Our story centers around Sabrina’s cousin, Aurora(a character I made up for this), who is a psychic medium and just moved to town. Aurora meets Cubone, a ground type Pokemon that wears the skull of its dead mother. Cubone’s mother, Marowak, is recently deceased and has been buried in Pokemon Tower. Ghosts have taken over Pokemon Tower once again and Sabrina asks for her cousins help in banishing the ghosts, as she’s busy with running a gym. Sabrina gifts Aurora a Silph Co. Capture Scope to help her with banishing the ghosts. Alongside Cubone, Aurora warily enters the tower…


Cubone wears the skull of its dead mother. Not grim at all… original image via



The ghosts in Pokemon Tower are causing visitors to hallucinate. Each level of the tower is a new terrarium populated by different ghosts and Pokemon. Aurora must ascend the tower using the Silph Co. Capture Scope to take photos of any ghosts she encounters. It’s kind of like the game Fatal Frame mixed with Pokemon Snap. The closer the ghost is to Aurora before she takes the picture, the more damage she does to the ghost. Once the ghost’s Hit Points reach zero, a Pokemon battle is triggered, revealing what Pokemon the ghost actually is. Aurora can then capture the “ghost” like any other Pokemon and use any captured Pokemon in her journey up the tower.


Any Pokemon captured within the single player mode can be used to battle other players in an online arena called The Pokemon Paranormal Battle Arena, as you are technically battling with the spirits of deceased Pokemon. There are also weekly online towers to conquer with Pokemon from other regions to keep the game fresh.
Lavender Town – Solkrieg’s Dream Eater Remix 2.0 posted by Solkrieg

Anyway, that was my pitch for a horror game set in the Pokemon universe. Do you have your own ideas for a horror game set in the Pokemon universe? Let me know in the comments below.

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