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World UFO Day and Whitley Strieber: An Alien Abduction Narrative

World UFO day (July 2nd) is a day dedicated to communicating the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.  There is a website — — with a countdown clock, as well as droves of resources designed to educate, inform, and perpetuate knowledge regarding extraterrestrial possibilities.
As I explored the site, I found numerous articles:  most referred to sightings, witness accounts, mysterious phenomena, and different types of arcane facts deemed evidentiary in some way, shape, or form.  There were photos, video, and source material relevant to the prevailing perspective that aliens exist and have frequently visited earth. There is even a mathematical equation called the Drake Equation that not only postulates that extraterrestrials exist, but that there are multiple life forms throughout the universe.  Taken piecemeal, it is easy to be dismissive of largely solitary experiences; however, taken as a monolithic body of evidence, it’s compelling.Image result for drake equation gif
Perusing through the multiple narratives, I remembered that during my youth, a writer named Whitley Strieber claimed to have had an encounter with aliens.  Because he was and still is a horror writer, many people believed that he was shaping a narrative to infuse his stories with a validity and truth that comes from having actually experienced “other.”  I think it is appropriate to include his story here as JUST one of the many chronicles that alien abductees profess as truth.Image result for whitley strieber gif
It is important to note that this experience occurred on December 26, 1985.  That was 32 years ago, and although Strieber remains steadfast in the belief that he had a significant experience with “other,” he is reticent to characterize it as alien abduction.  In fact, he has begun to structure the encounter within a death and religion framework.  I say this not to disparage Whitley’s story.  After 30 years of perseverating on a subject, I would expect perspective to attenuate the parameters of the abduction in a more palatable incident, if only because you have to live with it. More on that later.Image result for alien abduction communion
Whitley Strieber was awakened on December 26, 1985 to loud noises and flickering lights. His wife, who slept beside him, heard nothing.  Strieber was momentarily cast in darkness, and when the lights came on, he saw huge bug-like eyes staring from a large ovoid gray face.  he attempted to scream, but as he was immobilized, he could not make a sound.  The being attempted to calm him with a telepathic mechanical sounding voice, but he was panicked.  He had materialized in a tent and this being was standing over him with a huge needle.  It was inserted into his brain and he was rectally probed.
The following day, Whitley didn’t recall the experience, but he awoke with this overwhelming sense of dread.  It hung over him like a pall.  He was locking and re-locking the doors and windows to his house.  He was lugging around a shotgun in anticipation of intruders.  Subsequent days later, he experienced anal bleeding and immediately went to the doctor, who informed him that he had been raped.  Over the course of the next few days, Whitley began to remember.  As he remembered, instead of choosing to stay quiet, he began to report his story.  The more he spoke out, the more people began to write to him to communicate their stories as well.Related image
I think Whitley Strieber is important to this community.  He currently has a website called unknown country.  It is a platform to discuss science and pseudoscience.  He is an advocate for attempting to understand these narratives, as well as a focus to a largely disparate cacophony of competing voices.  There are over hundreds of thousands of people throughout the entire world who believe that they have had encounters with “Grays” and “Blues.”  It is fascinating to me that there is an entire community of people who profess to an experience of which:

  1. They generally experienced alone.
  2.  Is common throughout – practically all abduction narratives have the same resonant details (Greys/night/alone/probed/studied).
  3. The only evidence lies in their own testimony and their ability to verbalize that experience.

The questions abound.  There are answers, as well.  Do you believe?

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