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Community Spotlight: Horror Amino

Welcome, Horror Freaks and Pencil-Dicked Geeks! Today I’m unveiling a new segment that I’ve been wanting to do for a while called Community Spotlight. As it is my sincere hope to turn EGC into a thriving community of like minded genre fans, I thought it would be a cool idea to showcase some of the awesome things other people in our community are doing or other communities who have bisecting interests.
While I’ve been blogging on WordPress for close to nine months now, I’ve actually been blogging closer to a full year. After I finished writing the rough draft of my first manuscript, I needed another creative outlet without burdening myself with too big of a project. I decided to take up blogging as it would continue to help me challenge my writing skills differently than another creative writing project would.
While I was researching various blogging platforms, I stumbled upon the Amino mobile app. Amino is an app that allows users to find like minded individuals by providing mobile communities. No matter what you are geeky about, whether it be Doctor Who, vampires, fitness, or collecting stamps, odds are there is a community for that. If there isn’t, you can always start your own community and if you are nerdy about multiple things, you can join multiple communities.
Amino is where I first started blogging when I was yet unsure of how to go about it. I also wound up making internet friends, a concept that was wholly new to me. This is where I built up the confidence to create my own website. I believe Evil Geek Cult would never have happened if I hadn’t started here.
While there are many great communities to be a part of, my favorite community is Horror Amino. Horror Amino is a 16+ community that is centered around the horror genre. With close to 130,000 registered users, Horror Amino is one of the biggest, thriving communities on the app. While almost every facet of the genre is included, creepypasta is not allowed because its demographic tends to skew on the younger and less mature side. Through my time on Horror Amino, I found that people were passionate about all types of horror media, the good, the bad, and most certainly the ugly. I now have a better understanding of the people who consume this kind of content and made some friends along the way.
Perhaps the biggest draw to this community for me is the fantastic team of leaders and curators who have worked hard to ensure that the community is a safe environment and constantly growing. You also have to remember that this team is not hired help by Amino. Each community is fan run, so this group of hardworking individuals does this purely because they are passionate about it. Horror Amino looks so different these days from when I first joined. The community team has partnered up with YouTubers, Podcasters, makeup artists, and other important figureheads within the horror community to continually promote its growth. They’ve even allowed artists and companies to sell their relevant products on the app.
If you are a fan of genre or a genre blogger, I suggest checking out Amino. It’s good to have your ear close to these communities as you can find people who would appreciate the kind of content you are making and maybe make a few friends along the way. Just make sure to read up on the community guidelines for any communities you may join, as each one operates under its own specific rules. Make yourself aware of the rules so you don’t get into trouble with the admins for not adhering to their specific community guidelines.


  • This is not sponsored content. I just like Amino and Horror Amino in particular.
  • Please do not contact me about being featured on Community Spotlight. If we want to feature you, we will get into contact with you. My father and I are open to collaborations though. If you would like to collaborate on a project or do guests posts for each other’s blogs you can use the contact form to get in touch or email me at
  • If you are interested, check out my page on Horror Amino and the community’s twitter account!

My Horror Amino page

Horror Amino on Twitter


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Damn that’s a cool app! It’s a wonder that I haven’t heard of it before.


Thats why I wanted to give it a spotlight.