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My Life As A Halloween Grinch

When I got home today, I had a full-blown allergy attack, binge-watched The Defenders and watched Game of Thrones(priorities y’all). So rather than finishing the writing tips article I was working on, I decided to post something a little bit less serious and more fun that I would like to get the community feedback on.
Fall is knocking on our door, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Most of the horror freaks I know LOVE Halloween. Like, “batshit krazy with a k” love it. However, I have a confession to make. I am not a huge fan of Halloween, at least these days. I’m not here to shit on a holiday many people, especially horror fans, adore. I’m just saying I don’t really see the magic in the holiday anymore.
When I was a kid, Halloween was the bee’s knees. It wasn’t all about the candy. Back then, we were kind of poor. My dad owned a comic book shop and my mom was a star trek nerd. They wouldn’t allow me to dress up as monsters or killers because they were the “bad guys.”
However, I could be superheroes and my mom would build the costumes from scratch. I loved Trick or Treating because I’d always get compliments on my costume, even though people didn’t know who Captain America or the Green Lantern was back then. I also loved seeing the inventive things other people would dress up as.
As I got into my teens, Trick or Treating became kids stuff.  I was too cool for school and dressing up like a vampire or undead med student made me feel more like a Halloweiner instead of a Hallowinner.  I left for the Army and Halloween became an excuse to get drunk while watching scary movies or chatting up girls in skimpy costumes. What is the deal with that by the way? It seems like costumes either become really lame or really raunchy when you grow up. I’d come back home and my brothers didn’t even really want to go Trick or Treating. The 13-year-old would rather stay on the porch and hand out candy to other kids. Halloween’s not a big deal to my family anymore. We don’t even decorate the front porch, let alone inside.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the holiday. It’s not like I steal kids’ candy bags, throw them in a dumpster, light it on fire, and laugh evilly as little kids drown themselves in their salty tears. It has definitely lost its luster for me though.
I guess the question I want to pose to the community is, how can I get back into the Halloween spirit? Is it possible for me to love this holiday again? What do you guys do to get yourselves into the Halloween spirit? Let me know in the comments below!
P.S. If I can find any of my old Halloween costume pics I will post them on Twitter. I’m telling you, the Captain America one was the Shit!

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I guess it depends how you want to enjoy it. For me, it hasn’t its magic for two reasons. 1) I have kids and one is still young enough to want to Trick or Treat, so I get to help her with a costume and take her out. 2) I tend to wear my Renamon fursuit at Halloween. As well as not being many opportunities to break it out, the local kids love the costume, and seeing them happy to see it is a grand feeling. I think the truck is to try to figure out what want from the… Read more »