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How We Became Horror Fans, Airbender Cosplay, And Murder World- The Evil Geek Cult Podcast Ep. 6

On this episode of the Evil Geek Cult Podcast: Jordan, The Artist Formerly Known As Jonah, and Papa Smerph talk about the movies that made them horror movie fans. Next, they shame their family by revealing the nerdiest things they’ve ever done… so far. The EGC Fam takes their nerdiness to greater heights by pitching their best ideas for theme parks. Lastly, they relive their coolest and most embarrassing moments in front of the elusive creatures known as WOMEN.
Movies That Brought Us To Horror- 02:17
Nerdiest Things We’ve Ever Done- 25:10
Pitch A Theme Park- 57:50
Our Coolest And Most Embarrassing Moments In Front Of Women- 01:42:43
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