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Kaiju of the Month: King Caesar

Once again, here at Evil Geek Cult, its that time of the month… Kaiju of the Month!
Last month, we talked about everyone’s favorite Japanese turtle, Gamera. Today we dive into the mythology of Shisas with King Caesar.

King Caesar

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King Caesar first appeared in the 1974 film, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. The inspiration for his design, one that finds its basis in the rich history of Japanese mythology, is relatively unique compared to most Kaiju.
On the island of Okinawa, stone guardians called Shisa can be found. These stalwart guardians resemble the cross of a lion and dog. While different iterations of Shisa can be found across many Eastern cultures, with many different names, Shisha hold a special cultural significance to the island of Okinawa. They can be found everywhere in Okinawa, usually seen in pairs guarding entrances to ward against malevolent spirits.
One particular legend of interest comes from the village of Madanbashi. A sea serpent was said to have terrorized the village before a woman with a shisha figurine confronted the monster. The Shisa defeated the sea serpent with the strength of its roar and in turn, the people of Madanbashi built a large Shisa carved from stone to protect the village from then on.
In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, one such stone guardian protects the Azumi family. Through the fulfillment of a prophecy and the singing of an ancestral song, King Caesar is awoken from his slumber in the mountain side to protect against the oncoming onslaught of destruction known as Mechagodzilla. Although he is more of a supporting character to the titular hero, Godzilla, his lore is rich enough to make him a standout among kaiju. He is one of the few kaiju whose origins implicitly ties him to the well being of humanity. His name also comes from a mispronunciation of Kingu Shisa from a Western audience.


  • Martial Arts- King Caesar is the Bruce Lee of the Kaiju world. The monster has formidable strength and agility. He can often be seen doing flying kicks against his enemy kaiju, which tend to be slower and built like fucking tanks. Because of his martial prowess, this monster excels in close quarters combat. The dude can also take a punch as he has received quite a few beatings. However, its like the old saying goes “You can’t keep a good Shisha down for long!”
  • Heat Beams- King Ceasar has been seen using Superman’s heat vision. Utilizing the almighty power of solar energy (#gogreen), The King of Shisas can convert it into an energy beam he shoots from his eyeballs. A very practical and renewable weapon.
  • Lightning Breath- Have you ever been caught in a lightning storm and thought “Man, it would be cool to shoot tendrils of sky-splitting electricity from my face”? Me too. I call this Lightning Breath envy and I have a lot of it for King Caesar.
  • Energy Reflection And Deflection- Perhaps his most notable ability, King Caesar can absorb the energy from an oncoming attack, such as Mechagodzilla’s rainbow colored optic blasts, and redirect them at his foe. Is it weird that I can think of a million ways I’d be able to use this in my personal life? Don’t answer that…



Shisa Women- You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. I couldn’t really find specifics on his weaknesses, so I made one up for him. Here’s to hoping that Toho is totally reading this blog and adds this weakness to his eventual return to cinema.
That’ll do for Kaiju of the Month! Stay tuned to the same Kaiju channel for more Kaiju goodness next month. 

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