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31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Terror Aquatic

Day 7

While other children fantasized about what lay beyond the bounds of our solar system, my dreams were filled with the mysteries of the deep. The promise of strange life at the bottom of the ocean has always resonated more with me more than the unanswered questions of the stars. Because of this, horror set within the dark heart of the sea holds a special place in my heart. I love the ocean. That love, however, is tempered by a healthy respect and fear.

My complicated relationship with the ocean began with my first viewing of Jaws and I guess I never really recovered. Since then, oceanic horror flix ranging from depressingly terrible to disappointingly mediocre have come and gone. While Jaws is the obvious king of aquatic terror, there haven’t been too many films to challenge its dominance. I find this puzzling since Spielberg clearly laid out the blueprint for these types of movies all those years ago.
James Cameron’s The Abyss is probably my next favorite. Never mind the beautiful special effects on display, the movie capitalizes on the inherent claustrophobia of living on the bottom of the ocean. For this same reason, I love 1989’s Leviathan and DeepStar Six , although they are much more of a guilty pleasure. They are essentially the first Alien mixed with John Carpenter’s The Thing under the ocean. I’ve already talked about my love of Deep Blue Sea so I won’t expound on it too much here, but damn is that a fun monster movie.

What are some of your favorite aquatic horror films? Let me know in the comments below.
P.S. Today we recorded our Halloween special of the Evil Geek Cult Podcast, so look for that some time in the near future. We’ll also be recording some extra stuff for the Youtube channel that I’m really excited about so that there is more diverse content besides the podcast.

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I absolutely love Deep Star Six. I must have borrowed it from the video shop 100 times. I’d love to own it on DVD but I’ve never come across it. Otherwise for aquatic horror you can’t really beat Jaws but I love Deep Blue Sea mostly because it is hilarious.


Yea Deep Blue is not necessarily a good movie, but I always find it entertaining.