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31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): The Cult Illustrated

Day 13

Originally I had planned to do a post about the superstitions behind Friday the 13th. However, after looking around the web to do my research, I quickly realized everyone on the internet was doing an article in the same vein. Instead, I’ve opted to share some artwork that my youngest brother, The Artist Formerly Known As Jonah, did for the podcast. It’s still a work in progress and I’m not quite sure when we’ll be utilizing his artwork, but I thought it was a neat thing to share with the EGC Acolytes.
Each of the following illustrations was made in conjunction with my brother. He’s the talent, I’m the idea guy.

Jordan AKA EGC-Jordan

EGC Jordan (2).jpg
So the idea for mine was to incorporate the EGC logo and my love of horror into the design. Jonah went with this half Jason Voorhees, half Phantom of the Opera styling for the mask. I also have a familiar in the form of a xenomorph. Jonah says the torch made it look cool. Going with the idea that we’re all in a cult, all of our avatars are wearing “cultists robes”.

Luis AKA Papa Smerph

Papa Smerph dad (2).jpg
Since my dad is the Star Trek geek, we gave him a Starfleet insignia as well as the iconic “Live long and prosper” pose. He’s also our resident comic geek, so we gave him stacks on stacks of comic goodness. Our father is also a big fan of the Fallout video game franchise and Jonah gave him the classic Pip-Boy to rock on his wrist. Bling, bling.

Jonah AKA The Artist Formerly Known As Jonah

Jonah Arteest (2).jpg
If you couldn’t tell, Jonah is a big fan of Pokemon. He went all in with the pokeballs and whatever that giraffe electric Pokemon is called (in my opinion there are cooler ones). When I asked him to incorporate his artist persona, he added a pencil to his ear.

Matthew AKA The Super Saiyan Sexxx God

sexxx god matt (2).jpgOur cousin is the latest addition to the cult.  Manga and anime is his kind of thing and he doesn’t ever shut up about Dragon Ball Z. A Super Saiyan was a natural fit for him. You might be asking “Why does he look so hairy?” That’s because Matt is often mistaken for a sasquatch with how hairy he is.
Not a horror post per say, but I’d thought it would be something cool to share with everyone who frequents our little corner of the internet. I’ll be sure to show off our finished work once we get everything the way we want it. Thanks for stopping by on this Friday the 13th.

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Setzer Xakion
Setzer Xakion

Oh shit Jonah did a kick ass job with the illistations tell the little cult freshmen they’re amazingly done so far. And can’t wait to see the finished versions.


We started painting them yesterday and today. Mine and his are done. Tomorrow we’ll start on the others.


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