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31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Cult of Chucky Movie Review

Day 26

Cult of Chucky


Fiona Dourif, Michael Therriault, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly

Directed by
Don Mancini

You may feel a little prick.


Chucky returns to torment a haggard Nica who finds herself locked up in an asylum after the murderous doll framed her for her family’s murder.


I am not an avid fan of the Child’s Play franchise. While I’ve seen most of the franchise’s seven films, I do not remember much of the continuity and I view the Chucky movies as niche, guilty pleasure films. They aren’t for everyone and I would say the same is true about Cult of Chucky.
Cult of Chucky is at once a revival and a sequel to the franchise. Several characters from the previous movies return, so Cult of Chucky is best watched with the other films freshly seen. I wish I had marathoned the previous films before watching this one because it’s the type of sequel that builds upon characters and relationships previously established in the franchise’s warped history. In this way, Cult of Chucky feels like a movie designed to please its core audience and longtime fans while giving the series a fresh and unexpected direction.
If you are new to the Chucky movies, this one may not be for you. While the movie fills you in on some characters’ backstories, the uninitiated might find themselves lost amid some of the more convoluted storytelling and may find the wackiness inherent in the franchise to be jarring, especially if you aren’t ready for it. I loved the story beats that were set up in the first ten minutes of the movie, however, the rest of the movie doesn’t really have much to do with those ten minutes.
We shift from one character to another character at a mental institution and it’s here that the movie noticeably slows down. I kind of found myself bored until Chucky started wreaking havoc like he always does. Once Chucky starts murdering fools with his grim sense of humor, the film becomes way more entertaining in my eyes. There were some really frenetic kill sequences that could stand as some of the franchises most memorable moments. One, in particular, involving compressed air, was easily the highlight of the movie, but I found the parts in between kills to be terribly dull and drab. I wound up not really caring about any of the characters, so once the killing started I felt no real sense of loss. The ending wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was a fitting conclusion with the customary nod and wink to the audience and the promise of another sequel.
If you are a fan of the Chucky series, you may find plenty to like, but for the uninitiated, I’d say go back to the beginning and find out for yourself why these movies continue to have an enduring legacy.
P.S. I love Jennifer Tilly. That is all.
Have any of you guys seen Cult of Chucky? Are you a fan of the series overall? What did you think of this latest installment? Let me know in the comments below.

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I watched Curse and Cult of Chucky last week and really enjoyed both. I liked Cult a bit more because of the way they brought both Andy and Kyle (in the post-credits scence) back. Plus, the kills were unique, like you said. I also found it unsettling how Chucky played off of all the patient’s mental illnesses. Pretty creepy stuff!

Paul Bowler

This sounds really good! I’ve always been a fan of the series, so will look forward to watching Cult of Chucky


Its on Netflix right now, if you have it.