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Change To Schedule(Coming Soon)

Ever since the New Year, I’ve had trouble keeping to my schedule. This happened a few times last year, when things in my personal life or whatever kind of cut into my time with the site. This time is a little different. Last year, I dedicated the entirety of my writing time to Evil Geek Cult. When I sat down to write it was going to be a blog post for the site. What I was writing for was never in question. Now I currently find my writing time split into three different directions and it’s this juggling act that has caused me to stumble.
Some of you might remember when I said I was going to be returning to my manuscript to try and turn it into some semblance of a comprehensive story, but I’ve also taken on the additional challenge of running a game of the Pathfinder tabletop RPG for my youngest brother. I’ve had to do a lot of reading up on the system and Game Mastering can take an extensive amount of time. Most of my weekend was spent helping my brother through the character creation process and preparing for our first game.
The problem is, I now have these three different things jockeying around for my attention and so things have to change around here accordingly. I like writing on a schedule because it builds discipline and ensures continued progression. Consistency is key to progress, even if its slow progress. I’m going to try posting on different days, maybe once or twice a week for the next few weeks so the posting may seem sporadic, I apologize for it in advance. This is just to get a feel for how I want to proceed and make my schedule more conducive to my current needs. When I come to a final decision on the schedule, I’ll post an update here on the Announcements tab and change the Schedule page accordingly. Thanks for the patience and understanding. I know it has been a rocky few months, but I love what was built here and want to continue to see this blog grow.

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