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New Year, New Me

Its been an interesting past few months and trying to sort myself out has been taking more time than I am comfortable with admitting. However, change doesn’t have to be bad and its bound to force its way into your life eventually, whether you asked it to or not. When it comes, in all of its disruptive glory, the best thing to do is to brace for impact and roll with the punches. Even though I haven’t been posting on a strict schedule like I used to and working on other projects, I have been working on some stuff behind the scenes for the site. The most immediately obvious thing is a change to the logo design, thanks to my friends over at Allthepie Design. While the old logo did its job for the beginning stages of this brand, it was time to leave it behind. I’m personally much happier with the current design as the previous one was something I’d whipped up myself with no real design experience.

Thanks for sticking with EGC through all the bumpy parts of the road.


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Just so you know, Son. I’m very proud of you.


I know.


That was very Han. Probably intentional.