31 Days of Dreadtober: Can Halloween 2018 Resurrect The Horror Icons?

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Day 1

It’s no secret that horror movies make big bucks for Hollywood, but many of the most infamous franchises have been left out in the cold in lieu of original intellectual properties or have had their legacies eroded by divisive reboots, sequels, and prequels. In recent years, it has seemed as if the days of the horror icon was a thing of the past.

Freddy Krueger was declawed by the 2010 remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, proving it’s not that easy replacing a franchise staple such as Robert Englund.

Jason Voorhees’ last outing in 2009 with the Friday the 13th reboot left much to be desired, not to mention the legal rights for the character being buried in a mountain of red tape.

Chucky risks losing cache with audiences as a sequel, reboot, and television series based on the Child’s Play franchise threatens to confuse casual moviegoers.

Ghostface on MTV’s Scream

Ghostface’s polarizing portrayal on MTV’s Scream television series has left many fans begging for a return to form and while last year’s Jigsaw was a commercial success, it failed to connect with audiences and critics alike.

In this regard, Halloween 2018 is uniquely poised this season to not only resurrect the horror icon, but the slasher genre.

When news of a Halloween reboot first hit the web, I was doubtful. However, I can not deny the power of its debut trailer and its promise of a return to form for The Shape. There’s also the fact that it excited both Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter enough to return to the franchise, Curtis starring in the picture and Carpenter returning in both an advisory role and as an executive producer.

The film has also seemed to strike a chord with critics, garnering mostly positive reviews and sitting at an impressive 85% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing. Tracking from proboxoffice.com corroborates the growing anticipation for the film, with the movie on pace to set a franchise opening weekend record.

I can only see it being a win for Blumhouse Productions, whose films I’ve been a big fan of. Personally, I hope the film lives up to the hype currently surrounding it.

If it does as well as it’s predicted to do, it’s going to signal to Hollywood producers that there’s value in taking these franchises seriously and doing them right.

A horror icon resurgence is a win for the genre on the whole and longtime fans alike.

The Shape returns 2018

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