31 Days of Dreadtober: John Carpenter Open To Directing Another Film

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Day 2

Legendary director John Carpenter has taken a step back from the director’s chair over the last few years, preferring to work on his musical interests in lieu of filmmaking. It’s been almost ten years since his last directorial effort with 2010’s The Ward starring Amber Heard. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carpenter expressed interest in directing yet another film.

“I would love to direct something, if it’s the right thing to do at my age,” laughs Carpenter. “I’m not going to make another Thing, I’ll tell you that. I’m not going to the Arctic again. I’m not going to do that. I want to take it easy. I want to enjoy myself!”

As much as I love John Carpenter’s The Thing, the prospect of a sequel never really crossed my mind. To me, a sequel would ruin the brilliance of The Thing’s ambiguous ending. In fact, I don’t think any of his films really warrant a sequel unless the idea for one would really get Carpenter excited about filmmaking again. I would much prefer to see a new standalone film from this legend of horror.

However, I could not fault horror fans for being excited if he were to resurrect one of his elder films for the modern era. While he might not be set to direct anything just yet, its good to know one of this horror master still has a yearning to make films still. Hopefully, he announces something in the near future.

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