31 Days Of Dreadtober: Do Bad Remakes, Sequels, Or Prequels Harm The Original Films?

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Day 13

I just got done watching Alien: Covenant for the first time. As you all know, I love the Alien franchise so much that I now practically have acid for blood. However, I found the second prequel to the original Alien film to be very disappointing (I enjoyed Prometheus though). This got me thinking about remakes, sequels, and prequels and if they could damage the original films by just existing.

I have come to the conclusion that, at least for me, they don’t. That is not to say poorly received entries can’t harm the longevity of a film franchise. Since there is such a thing as box office numbers, it’s an objective truth that they can.

What I’m alluding to has more to do with the sense of ownership that fandom can create. I’m not saying fans of a series aren’t justified in feeling this way, but when new movies in their favorite film franchises are created, it can feel like Hollywood is trying to erase or inadvertently damage all that came before. To some, remakes, prequels, or sequels invalidate the stories they’ve chosen to love.

I can see why people might feel that way because I once felt that way. When I heard that the new Halloween was a sequel that ignored all of the other sequels in its franchise, I thought people kind of had a right to be mad. I don’t think like that anymore though.

The ten Halloween sequels and reboots are not invalidated because this new movie pretends like they don’t exist. Those movies have been made, those stories have been told. You can still watch those and enjoy them for what they are.

There are only two or three films in the Alien franchise that I would rewatch on a consistent basis. Alien: Covenant is not one of them, yet its existence does not offend me nor do I think it should.


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Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz

I definitely agree that each movie can be enjoyed or hated independently of the entire franchise. Take the MCU essentially they are all sequels to each other. A few stinkers in there but as a whole still great.


I’m with you in that I just choose to pretend bad sequels or prequels that I don’t end up enjoying simply don’t exist and continue to love what I already loved.


I agree with you on this one. There are sequels that I really don’t care for, but them existing doesn’t make the ones I do enjoy less so.