31 Days Of Dreadtober: Parasyte The Maxim Channels The Thing With A Superhero Twist

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Day 20

Earth finds itself besieged by parasitic invaders who wage a secret war against humanity in Parasyte: The Maxim. Highschooler Shinichi Izumi’s right hand becomes infected with one such creature, tossing Izumi into the perilous hidden world of the Parasytes. Struggling to share his body with an entity possessing a will of its own, Izumi vows to defend humanity with his newfound abilities and repel the parasitic scourge before it consumes everyone he loves and the world.

Parasyte: The Maxim takes the best body horror elements from John Carpenter’s The Thing, dials them up to eleven in a way that only anime can, and uses it to tell a tale more akin to the traditional hero’s journey. This doesn’t mean it’s any lighter on the terror though. There is plenty of creepy imagery and glorious gore to keep longtime horror fans happy.

While The Thing is as much a story about claustrophobia, isolation, and paranoia as it is about body horror, Parasyte tells a more focused tale about how the infection affects one particular character. This anime could easily be a spiritual sequel to that movie. The creature got out and it’s infecting the masses. Its the sequel that was never made and yet its own unique thing. Well worth a watch for horror fans.

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