31 Days Of Dreadtober: The Unsettling World Of Coraline

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Day 23

Originally a dark horror fantasy novel written by Neil Gaiman, 2009’s Coraline animated movie brought to life a strange and beautiful retrospective on childhood and wish fulfillment.

Like so many fairytales before, an eccentric young girl finds herself struggling to find a place in the world. Her parents, consumed by the worries that come with adulthood and familial responsibility, unintentionally alienate their daughter more and more. She’s just moved into a new apartment and none of her neighbors make a lick of sense. The only kid around is an awkward boy whos goading and teasing leaves Caroline feeling annoyed.

She is a stranger in strange lands, but this place is not without its magic. Through a small door in her apartment, she finds a portal to another world, a world that doesn’t look that different on the surface and yet everything feels off. However, the more time she spends in this world the more she begins to like it.

Unlike her true home, this world feels like it is happening for her, not to her. Its everything she’s ever wanted and more. She could stay forever if she only lets her “other” mother remove her eyes and replace them with buttons.

Too often, the things we fantasize about blind us to the simple wonders that already surround us. The drive to obtain these things can be a powerful force, but once you get them you may find they lose their luster. Even worst, the quest to fulfillment can have an exacting price, ruining the riches you always had. Take stock in what you already own and hoard it like the treasure it really is.

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