31 Days Of Dreadtober: The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell Delights With Plentiful Sweetness And The Macabre

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Day 25

Netflix has added yet another food-centric show to its ever-increasing line-up with The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell. However, I think it is clearly the standout in uniqueness and concept. So much so that actually categorizing it as a food-centric show might be more of an injustice to what it actually is.

McConnell has been wowing the public with her confectionary delights for years now, steadily growing an online following. Her new Netflix series is comprised of six 30 minute episodes following her and a cast of macabre delinquents as they navigate life viewed as oddities yet finding acceptance in one another… And it’s also a crafting show with puppets.

I don’t know what expectations I had before watching the first episode, but they were most certainly subverted after viewing. McConnel walks the audience step by step through her artistic process as she creates sweet treats or whimsical decor, but in between these segments is a comedy in the style of The Adams family. It’s genuinely charming and funny content that fully has the potential to embolden and stoke viewers with a creative flame.

Many will probably enjoy watching her process more than actually trying to replicate her works for themselves (I’m a terrible baker), but I can definitely see this program inspiring folk, especially younger viewers. I don’t know if there was a demand for this type of show, but if not, I hope it creates its own demand and that people give it a chance to do so. Here’s to hoping for a season two.

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