31 Days Of Dreadtober: The Final Scare

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Day 31

There’s always that moment. The characters have conquered the big evil. It lies slain at their feet and everyone collectively breathes a sigh of relief. The ordeal is over. We’ve won.

As the audience, we can’t help but feel the release in tension. It can’t be helped. Of course, we know horror movie rules. We know that evil is never truly conquered, just defeated at the moment. We know one last jump scare might be coming, but we relax anyway. Sometimes there is even a jump in time. If its a year later, surely our heroes must be safe? At the end of a story, there is always room for one more scare, as long as it doesn’t cheapen what came before it.

Scream(1996)- Dimension Films

And it’s here that Dreadtober 2018 ends. Thank you all for reading this month. I will be back in a few days with a new post, but now I shall devote my next few days entirely to other writing projects. Also, keep an eye out on the announcements tab. I am looking to re-enter the podcast game and can’t wait to share what I’ve cooked up.

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