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About Evil Geek Cult

Evil Geek Cult is a genre fiction and nerd culture blog, podcast, and Youtube channel dedicated to building a sense of community among genre fiction lovers everywhere. These days, genre media dominates the pop culture space and there is more content out there for genre fans than there ever has been before. EGC is my way of sharing my passion for all things genre with the rest of the world while simultaneously gunning for that seemingly unattainable dream of writing about the things I love for a living. In a nutshell, it’s a site dedicated to those fans the world may have once called horror freaks and pencil-dicked geeks.


Writer & Founder

Jordan A. Matos

Born to a man who owned a comic book shop and a woman who checked “Trekkie” under the ethnicity section on all her government forms, Jordan never really stood a chance. The first movie he remembers his parents taking him to see? Jurassic Park. After that cinematic experience at the ripe age of 4, Jordan knew he wanted to be a dinosaur when he grew up.

In school, he showed a knack for writing and dreamed of being an author/rockstar/dinosaur before reality kicked him in the ass. Thus Jordan joined the US Army as a medic. It dragged him across the country and Europe. He met some of the best and worst people the universe had to offer. He also learned he had a weakness for women, booze, women, and more booze, all of which lowered his luck stat by -10.

After his term of service was up, Jordan came back home and remembered the dreams he’d once held so dear. One day, he hopes to make a happy living by writing and podcasting. With continuous advances in science and technology, he remains “optimistic” about literally becoming a dinosaur.


Contributor & Father

Luis Matos AKA Papa Smerph

By sharing his own passions with his children, Luis instilled a deep appreciation for all things genre in their young hearts. It’s his fault that Jordan used to bullseye womp rats in his T-16 back home and why Jordan will more than likely marry a Xenomorph when he eventually decides to grow up, if he ever decides to.

Luis earned his geek card a long, long time ago in a decade far, far away, when terms like “make whoopie” and “groovy” were fashionable. Just because he’s older than dirt, doesn’t mean he can’t nerd out with the best of them. His love for writing has led him to the dark side as he occasionally aids his eldest son in shaping this crazy thing called Evil Geek Cult.