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Games Go Horror: Elder Scrolls

Horror games have seen a bit of a renaissance ever since Playable Teaser burst onto the scene. The glorified demo was a bit of a cultural phenomenon in the gaming world, but for good reason. Nothing like it had been... Continue Reading →

The Evil Geek Cult Podcast Episode #1: Star Wars Celebration And Our Most Anticipated Films

Run Time: 1hr 54 mins Welcome, horror freaks and pencil-dicked geeks! EGC presents The Evil Geek Cult Podcast, where I talk to members of my own nerd family about horror, nerd culture, and all the little things that make life... Continue Reading →

Documentaries For The Horror Fan Issue #2

Mark Gatiss is an English actor and writer best known for his work on The BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who. He has also appeared on the hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones. The guy has some serious street cred in... Continue Reading →


Writing can be intimidating, especially when you are just starting out. Experienced writers will have their own processes formulated through rigorous trial and error. If you are new to the world of writing, some input from more experienced writers can... Continue Reading →

The Demogorgon’s Playlist Issue #2

Get ready to turn up, folks, with this selection of horror based music and music videos. As always (*) represents JD0127's Sexy Time Certified Tracks. You see, kids... When two grown ass monsters decide to get together and bump uglies,... Continue Reading →

Mythology: The DC Comics Art Of Alex Ross

Alex Ross is an American comic book artist and writer well known for his unique painted style. Born to an artist mother, Ross knew he wanted to be involved with art from an early age. Comic books were his chosen... Continue Reading →

Unsung Heroes Of Horror: Javier Botet And Doug Jones

Javier Botet Javier Botet is a Spanish actor best known for his roles as Tristana Medeiros in Rec, Edith Brennan(aka Mama) in Mama, the ghosts of Enola/Margret/Pamela in Crimson Peak, the four armed creature Myrtu in The Other Side of... Continue Reading →

Kaiju Of The Week: Reptilicus

My love affair with kaiju(horror/action films featuring giant, rampaging beasts destroying the most beloved of our cities) started at a very young age. I’m not sure what my first kaiju movie was, but I do remember what solidified my love... Continue Reading →

The Demogorgon’s Playlist Issue #1

I had this idea for a post last night about horror themed music and music videos. I sat down and started jotting down all the songs that I knew could fit in that category. I swear I came up with... Continue Reading →

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