“Home To The Horror Freaks And Pencil D***ed Geeks”

Since I’ve been taking this whole blogging thing pretty seriously, I’ve decided to go ahead with my planned rebrand. The primary domain name has now changed from thehorrorjd0127.wordpress.com to evilgeekcult.com. A couple reasons for this.

  • EvilGeekCult.com better reflects the content of my blog and just looks better.
  • EvilGeekCult.com suggests a sense of community and that is my sincere hope for this blog. I want to bring like-minded individuals, who are as passionate about horror and geek culture as I am, together. 

You guys will continue to see progressive changes to the site as it grows and I’m very proud of the positive feedback I’ve received from my readers. Thank you for your continuous support of the site. Please continue to like, share, and comment on my posts because it’s my readers who push me to better my writing and this site. I see big things for the site on the horizon and look forward to continuing this crazy journey with you all.