Hey, everybody. Some of you may have noticed there has not been a new post since early last week. Last week was kind of an odd week for me and I needed to take some time away from the site to really think about things. I’m fine and my dedication to EGC hasn’t waivered or anything like that. This site’s not going dark anytime soon. I’ve just really been thinking about the future lately.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really know what I wanted to write about. I didn’t have a vision for what the site could be so I just started to write about the things I enjoyed the most. Along the way, my mindset totally changed. I started getting really invested and invented this whole Evil Geek Cult brand. As disgusting as this sounds to the slacker in me, I started having “goals” which is something I’ve only ever had on a shallow level, even during my Army days (get that chicks number, get off work so I can drink myself stupid, etc.).

This motivation was something very new to me, so I took some time off to confront those emotions and figure out what EGC should be now that I DO have a vision. Let’s talk about content. I’m going to move away from doing reviews and start doing more “editorial” pieces. Stuff like Games Go Horror: Elder Scrolls and Do Creative Endeavors Belong To The Creator Or The Fans. These kinds of posts require more creative thought on my part and I feel like they are more engaging for reader’s if I take my time with it and do it right. That’s not to say I’m not going to ever review anything ever again. I just don’t think that should be EGC‘s bread and butter. There are plenty of other places to get amazing reviews from on a consistent basis and I think the move will help EGC stand out from other blogs as well.

My posts for these starting months have been all over the place as I got a feel for this whole blogging thing. Now I think is the best time to unify the direction for my brand so you might see changes to how the site is set up too.

I’ve also added my dad to the author list and about me page. He’s already written a few things such as Netflix Is A Blockbuster Buster and An Argument For Watching The OA. EGC still remains very much my own endeavor, but my dad is free to post as often as he chooses. Don’t be surprised when you see a different author for some posts. I hope you guys are as welcoming to him as you have been to me.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about The Evil Geek Cult Podcast. When I posted the first episode, it ate up a metric shit ton of space on my site and took FOREVER to upload. I think from now on we’re going to upload them to Youtube on an Evil Geek Cult channel and then repost the video on the site. I’m going to try and get another episode out next week. I’m working on a new post for Thursday, so the site should be back on schedule from there on.  As always, thanks for the support.

– Jordan