Day 11

The following contains spoilers from the Halloween film franchise. You have been warned.

In a previous post(Attack of the Bloated Franchises), I talked about the next year’s Halloween reboot ignoring everything past Halloween 2. Turns out I was wrong. In a Q&A with Stereo Gum, director John Carpenter had this to say about the reboot:

“It’s kind of a… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s almost an alternative reality. It picks up after the first one and it pretends that none of the others were made. It’s gonna be fun. There’s a really talented director and it was well-written. I’m impressed.”

-John Carpenter

So what does that mean in the context of the franchise’s continuity? In Halloween 2, Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis is revealed to be killer Michael Myers’ sister. If this is meant to pick up after only the first movie, it means that they are erasing this reveal. The original Halloween ends with Michael Myers being stabbed in the throat with a wire hangar and falling through an open window. As Dr. Loomis arrives to confirm Myers’ death, we are shown that the slasher is nowhere to be found. This reboot will pick up 40 years after that.

I have conflicted feelings about this. This would wipe the slate clean and get rid of 40 years worth of convoluted story, but on the other hand, it kind of shits on all the work from the other filmmakers and the fans who have given so much to those movies. I think I’ll choose to look at it more from a positive perspective as there really isn’t much else you could do to reboot the franchise.

But hey, those are just my feelings on the matter. How do you guys feel about this massive change to the continuity? Let me know in the comments below.