Day 19

This a follow up to the post Cult Illustrated. My brother and I have been working on some art for the podcast these last few days. Here’s the finished product of all that work.



The Artist Formerly Known As Jonah


Papa Smerph


The Super Saiyan Sexxx God


I’ll be adding this to our podcast videos and cooking up some more art so we can get our podcasts out onto the favored podcast apps. The plan is to slowly up the production values and keep making EGC better and better over time.

And speaking of the podcast… I am aware that I haven’t posted a new one since the middle of September. We are still very much doing the podcast and have actually recorded quite a few things since then. We’ve been trying new things and not all of them have panned out quality wise, so rather than put out something subpar I decided not to post anything.

This Sunday, our Halloween themed podcast will be coming out. We’ll be reminiscing about our favorite Halloween memories and throwing some non-movie Halloween recommendations your way to get you guys in the Trick ‘r Treat mood.

I just wanted to communicate with you guys so you know a little more about whats going on behind the scenes, especially since EGC has been getting even more traffic than usual with Dreadtober. Whether you are a new reader/listener or a longtime EGC Acolyte, thanks for dropping by our little corner of the internet and I hope to be able to interact even more with the community after Dreadtober ends.