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31 Days of Dreatober(2017): The New Mutants

Day 18 Does your nerdy, horror-loving heart swoon at the thought of a horror movie set in the superhero genre? Well have no fear, The New Mutants trailer is here! After the disappointing returns of 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, 20th Century... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): The Death of Visceral Games

Day 17 #FuckEA Here we go again. The list of game studios closed by major game publisher Electronic Arts is disturbingly long as evident in this Kotaku article. Today, we sadly have to add yet another studio to the list... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Top 5 Dean Koontz Horror Novels

Day 16 In 1977, long before Stephen King was almost unanimously christened the Master of the Macabre, I discovered an author I grew to love: Dean Koontz.  I was 12, in Junior High School, and I remember having read most... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): The Sordid History of Vampirella

Day 15 From the minute you laid eyes on her, you could tell she was trouble.  Frank Frazetta's cover to Vampirella #1 has her posed with one hand on her fleshy hip and one finger in her mouth.  She's wearing... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Never Hike Alone, A Love Letter To Friday The 13th

Day 14 Its been almost 8 years since the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. The franchise has been left to collect dust as Paramount has abandoned their efforts to reboot the franchise. For fans of the series, hope arrived... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): The Cult Illustrated

Day 13 Originally I had planned to do a post about the superstitions behind Friday the 13th. However, after looking around the web to do my research, I quickly realized everyone on the internet was doing an article in the... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Revisiting the Scream Franchise (Part 2)

Day 12 In Hollywood, when something is even moderately successful, a sequel follows.  Consequently, when you have something become as huge a hit as Scream, there is bound to be not only sequels, but a whole franchise.  Scream revived the... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Halloween Reboot Will Ignore Every Movie Past Original(Update)

Day 11 The following contains spoilers from the Halloween film franchise. You have been warned. In a previous post(Attack of the Bloated Franchises), I talked about the next year's Halloween reboot ignoring everything past Halloween 2. Turns out I was... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Dreadtober(2017): Multiplayer Horror

Day 10 Some of my favorite horror games just so happen to be centered around playing with a friend or several other people. This flies in the face of conventional horror tropes in gaming, where game developers force a sense of isolation... Continue Reading →

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