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Will Destiny 2 Win Over Gamers?

This weekend, gamers were treated to a sneak peek into one of the year's most highly anticipated games with the release of The Destiny 2 public beta. While a beta version of a game is not wholly representative of what... Continue Reading →

Star Trek, the Original Series (TOS): A Necessary Social Commentary, Part 3

Axiom: Star Trek is the most influential Science Fiction television program in history! In Part 1, I gave an introduction as to my argument and why I felt it needed to be made. In Part 2, I demonstrated how Star... Continue Reading →

Castlevania(Netflix Animated Series): Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Netflix's new animated series is tragically short, with the first season comprised of only four, twenty-five-minute episodes. However, what the series lacks in length it makes up with bite. Although I would consider myself a "hardcore" gamer, Castlevania is just... Continue Reading →

TROUBLE on the set of HAN SOLO???- The Evil Geek Cult Podcast Episode #3 Jordan, The Artist Formerly Known As Jonah, and Papa Smurf talk about the recent set troubles of the Han Solo spin off, what we like and dislike the most about the horror genre, what franchise would we like to... Continue Reading →

Star Trek, The Original Series (TOS): A Necessary Social Commentary, Part 2

As seen in Part 1, I communicated as an axiom that:  Star Trek is the most influential Science Fiction television program in history!  Then I communicated that I would cite 4 ways in which Star Trek did this.  If you... Continue Reading →

Dead Space: Catalyst Book Review

Year 2012 Author B.K. Evenson Summary The year is 2294 and the fate of humanity exists on the edge of a knife. In the hopes of saving humanity, EarthGov has begun experimenting with an ancient alien artifact they can not... Continue Reading →

Star Trek, The Original Series (TOS): A Necessary Social Commentary, Part 1

I think that the recent reboot of Star Trek has pissed me off.  It kind of implies to me that the old franchise was done incorrectly, that somehow the old should be invalidated by a newer vision, that what is... Continue Reading →

EGC Presents The Double Feature: The Conjuring/The Conjuring 2

Film #1: The Conjuring Year 2013 Starring Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor Directed by James Wan Tagline Based on the true case files of the Warrens. Synopsis Famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren help a family... Continue Reading →

World UFO Day and Whitley Strieber: An Alien Abduction Narrative

World UFO day (July 2nd) is a day dedicated to communicating the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.  There is a website -- -- with a countdown clock, as well as droves of resources designed to educate, inform, and perpetuate... Continue Reading →

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